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No Dig Technology and Repair

‘No Dig’ Technology And Repair

No-dig repair techniques are a cost-effective remedy, particularly if the faulty drain connection goes below an extension, and more so when excavating the spot means creating a major disruption. The no-dig technology does away with the chaos and waste generation related to digging and excavation work.

This method, similar to the keyhole surgery now prevalent in UK medicine, allows us to carry out permanent and watertight localised repair of sewers and drains without having to excavate the area. These can be used on a wide variety of pipes, including pitch fibre, which can often be problematic.

The use of no dig technology has several benefits to the customer. Because no invasive action is required, expensive excavation and disruption is enormously reduced, and the length of the procedure is also drastically shortened. Because no fuel heavy machinery  is required – a carbon output reduction of up to 90 per cent can be achieved, and there is minimal noise, meaning decreased noise pollution to the local area.

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